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Make your mark on Nevada schools.

The Lead Nevada Academy is a selective professional development program for teachers in Clark County, Las Vegas. Sign up for more information.


We believe all students deserve school leaders with a commitment to equity and a vision for instructional excellence. The Lead Nevada Academy is a selective professional development program that helps talented educators hone the skills they’ll need to become tomorrow’s school leaders—and make a difference in their school right now. The Academy culminates with participants leading a project they’ve designed to improve student achievement at their school and spark innovation across Clark County.

The Academy

During a nine-month program, you'll grow day by day through coaching, workshops, and online training that will prepare you to be an instructional leader, dean, or principal. Once selected to the academy, you'll continue to work full time in your current role so you can continue making a difference in the lives of Clark County students.


A spring of scholarship and community-building

Join your cohort for 70 hours of intensive training that will prepare you to be the school leader our students deserve. 

A summer of inspiring leadership

Build your leadership skills by coaching a cohort of aspiring teachers.

A fall of innovation and action

Lead your school to improvement in a critical area through the development and implementation of a project that improves student learning—and shows the potential for innovation elsewhere in Clark County.

Who We Want

We believe all kids—particularly those from traditionally under-served communities—deserve inspired teaching and strong school leadership. Lead Nevada Academy educators embody the state’s spirit of ingenuity, invention, and entrepreneurship to create education opportunities that prepare all students for success. They value diversity and thrive when working collaboratively with families, teachers, and community leaders. 

We're looking for educators who:

  • are licensed teachers who currently work or are interested in working in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • have at least 3-5 years of teaching experience
  • are entrepreneurial and inventive when seeking ways to boost student achievement
  • are committed to Clark County students
  • learn by doing
  • want to get more involved in leadership roles

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Lead Nevada Academy is supported by Opportunity 180, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering resources to launch and support high-performing schools and organizations that will provide students with outstanding educational opportunities, and help prove that every child can achieve, regardless of ethnicity, zip code or family income.